Hypnosis and Holistic Health: A Journey of Fulfillment

“Where do you see yourself in five years?” This is a classic interview question that most of us have been asked throughout our careers. It was always a knee-jerk reaction of mine to respond with something that would indicate my desire to stay and grow with that company and to do whatever it was I could to help them succeed. Internally, I always knew it was a lie, I didn’t really want that job. There I was in New York City in 2010, a recent grad of a masters program in International Relations, ready to help the world and no jobs seemed to be available. Interview after interview, polite rejection after polite rejection. Eventually, I found myself in a respectable position working for the General Services Administration –the real estate arm of the federal government. While grateful for my colleagues, it was just a paycheck. I was unhappier than I knew, feeling stuck in life with no way forward.

I received a rather gigantic shove forward from the Almighty with the sudden, tragic passing of my only brother in a car accident in California. No words can truly showcase how gut-wrenchingly painful it was to get that phone call from my Mother. “Kell, you need to come home. You need to come home right away…” I did come home to California after a life of eight years in the City. And as I write this now, that life seems so far away, so far removed from this new life.

My brother’s passing affected me tremendously. I was so very lost. If I felt lost before, it was nothing compared to this. Trying to process through all the emotions and stay productive was near impossible. Through grief counseling I came to see how many others were struggling just like me, and in some cases, they held onto the intense pain for 3, 5, 10+ years. I saw their lack of hope, desperation, fear and loneliness and it broke my heart. It also stirred something deep within that said- You can help them.

That small, barely audible voice played over and over. It started the research into healing grief, loss, and trauma. My Mother, a blessedly strong soul, helped serve as a divine channel to guide me towards reiki healing and hypnotherapy. I found kindred spirits with my reiki training-I am blessed to utilize this divine healing energy on myself, and virtually anyone I come in contact with.

Although truly grateful for my reiki gift, I still felt called to look further. I knew nothing of hypnosis in the beginning aside from the typical Vegas-style show where stage hypnotists would delight their audiences by encouraging guests to make absolute fools of themselves. It certainly wasn’t an avenue that I took seriously. Until I was encouraged to sign up for an intensive hypnotherapy certification program at the Banyan Hypnosis Center. The course, taught by world-renowned master hypnotist Calvin Banyan, blew my mind. This was no namby-pamby, take a few deep breaths and just let it all go type of process. It was hypnosis boot camp basic training! I came to understand that hypnosis is not sleep and not some wacky form of mind control. It is simply a tool that allows access to an individual’s subconscious mind –the seat of all long-held beliefs, habits and emotions. That an individual in hypnosis is always fully conscious and aware of what is happening and will only accept suggestions they truly want or agree with –such as wanting to be a “non-smoker for life”.

It was during the class that I came to realize that this tool is truly powerful and long lasting I was very fortunate to learn the most advanced techniques available in the field, that of 5-PATH®, five-phase-advanced-transformational-hypnosis and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® –a mind-body-spirit approach to overall healing. My mind flashed to the members of my grief group, to friends and family struggling with addiction and phobias. This, this is how I can be of service. This is how I can help others to truly live instead of just surviving through life! How thrilling, how exciting! How purposeful this feeling was…and still is.

Can Hypnosis Help You to Quit Smoking Weed?

Hypnosis can help you overcome addiction.

In short, the answer is a resounding ‘Yes’, although this is dependent on many factors associated with the process and with the client themselves. Many have heard about the successes derived from the use of hypnosis to break the habitual cycle of cigarette dependence. In fact, smoking cessation is one of the top reasons clients book hypnosis sessions. Oftentimes, many have tried their own methods over the years and nothing has provided a permanent solution. Some have quit “cold turkey” only to start up again years later at the onset of an intensely stressful period of life.

There is nothing simple about addiction -to any substance. There are powerful psychological/emotional attachments to the desired drug of choice that must be uncovered and released at the deepest levels of the mind in order to fully allow an individual their true freedom of choice to take back control. Weed is no exception when it is used as a distractor to deal with stress and other uncomfortable emotions, such as deep seated fear or loneliness. Weed in particular has far more psychological dependence for people than physical, which can contribute to the blasé attitude surrounding the drug and the insistence that it isn’t all that harmful.

The negative effects of sustained chronic abuse of marijuana are many. They include the loss and impairment of short-term memory functioning, increased buildup of carcinogenic hydrocarbons in the lungs, increased heart rate for up to three hours contributing to higher risk of heart attack, lowered academic, job and overall life satisfaction, and impaired judgement leading to high risk behaviors. It is important for the individual who desires to quit smoking marijuana to really take stock of all of these effects, of all of the times that they have given over their control to this substance; of all of the excuses that they give and have given themselves and others as to why this drug is a positive influence.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy will help the client in this scenario to develop an entirely new perspective surrounding their dependence issue. It will work to uncover the precise emotional attachment for this individual at the level of the sub-conscious mind where habits and emotions reign. The program works to retrain the brain at this level, to have the individual gain personal insight that allows for permanent lifestyle change. They begin to realize that they are in control, that they always were. And they can make the choice and choices to rid themselves of this dependence once and for all. This all takes place as a result of a partnership between the hypnotherapist and the individual desiring control over their lives.

It is important to remember that addiction is deeply rooted and requires the assistance of the individual, in this case, the individual who wants to quit smoking weed, their hypnotherapist and the support of their friends and family. This is critical. The therapeutic process can only ever have long term success when it is the individual who realizes and wants the help and when there is a strong support system in place. The difficulty often lies in the individual having to cut ties with former friends/associates who still use the drug. As difficult as this may be, the positives associated with quitting far outweigh holding onto an old, limited life. This brave individual who seeks the help will find themselves motivated again, will find themselves more and more successful with every step as they realize that the drug was a band-aid, a crutch. They will take pride in being able to cope in healthy ways with any challenge that life throws their way as they understand their own strength of will. This strength has been within them all along…hypnosis just awakens it.