How to Use Hypnosis for Anxiety

More and more, individuals suffering the limiting effects of anxiety are finding their way towards my door. It is a most welcome sight for me as this issue is very prevalent in our society and is deserving of healing and compassion. Anxiety is actually a common human experience; it is natural to feel some anxiety or nervousness when meeting a date for the first time, taking a driving test, or giving a presentation in front of a Board of Directors, for example. It is when this anxiety intensifies and becomes overwhelming worry and an a constant, nagging fear or restlessness that one’s life is adversely impacted. Some of the signs of anxiety that would present this level of impact are: general uneasiness and inability to be calm/still, feelings of fear towards the level of panic, shallow breathing, cold/sweaty hands/feet, nausea, difficulty sleeping, etc. This type of anxiety can be triggered for a number of reasons relating to the previous life experiences of the individual, especially those traumatic in nature.

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, I am blessed to use hypnosis to help my clients address overwhelming fear by accessing the subconscious mind in order to discover the root cause of the emotion and to work to heal it right then and there through insight therapy. I expertly guide my clients towards those special, transformative “Ah Ha!” moments of self-discovery that lead to permanent changes in how they relate to fear and worry. Emotions are meant to be used as guides for all of us and fear is no exception. Once we can learn to address fear appropriately, even rationally, our whole outlook and behavior pattern changes.

I always encourage my clients that come in to work on fear to practice self-hypnosis on a daily basis -multiple times a day. I am certified to teach a very special kind of self-hypnosis -the 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®. This system is awe-inspiring and mind-blowing in its scope. All aspects of the client are incorporated -mind, body, and spirit- and all are moved towards optimal health. My fear clients come away feeling calm, balanced and capable of moving forward without fear holding them back from truly living. There is no greater gift that this!

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