7th Path Self-Hypnosis: Retrain Your Brain for Success!

When I first became certified as a Hypnotherapist I was thrilled beyond measure to be able to learn about the fascinating workings of the human mind and how powerful an effect our thoughts, beliefs and emotional systems have on our everyday behaviors. While learning the various ins and outs of how to help my clients achieve a deep state of hypnosis in order to personally guide them towards desired changes, I was also introduced to a phenomenal system of self-hypnosis known as the 7th Path.

7th Path Self-Hypnosis®, created by my teacher and mentor Calvin Banyan, is an entirely unique and groundbreaking self-help tool that far surpasses the typical guided meditation or visualization exercise. It is holistic in nature, thus incorporating the mind, body, and spirit of the individual. Its true transformative power is derived from the relationship the individual has and develops over time with their Higher Power. That personal belief is utilized in every hypnotic process they go through, thus compounding the positive benefits received. It is expertly designed to be like the ”anti-virus” software for the human mind utilizing positively charged, self-affirming statements known as Recognitions.

From birth, we automatically forget certain universal truths about our divine nature and this “forgetting” becomes troublesome and problematic as we move through life and acquire more and more useless programming about who we are. We just don’t recognize ourselves anymore. On a personal note, some of the beliefs that stuck with me from childhood were that I wasn’t good enough, lovable enough, pretty enough, smart enough, etc. I, as I was, was simply never enough. This may sound typical of many; perhaps it is typical of your story. I don’t know about you, but that belief system kept me miserable and accepting of less than I deserved.

Since I began using the 7th Path system daily for a year now, I notice vast differences in several areas of life, most especially in my self-confidence and self-awareness and true feeling of closeness to my Higher Power. Whereas before, I experienced the daily stresses of life with more of a glass half empty attitude, this has shifted dramatically towards optimism, enthusiasm and daring to go after my dreams. During the experience of using the system I have felt euphoria and peace at the deepest levels, as well as true cathartic emotional release.

Having been instructed in the usage of 7th Path in a group setting, I know how very powerful and blissful an experience it can be. There is a sense of community and bonding that happens when you work towards transformation with others –their energies and yours tend to assist each other in amazing ways. Because of this, I am excited to offer a life-changing 2-day workshop at the Awakenings Center for Conscious Living in Laguna Hills, CA:

PURPOSE DRIVEN MIND: Self-Hypnosis for Personal Success

  • Level 1 Workshop Saturday, September 26 -$50
  • Level 2 Workshop Sunday, September 27th -$75

If purchased as a 2-day package, the total is only $100. For further information, please contact me directly at Kelly@InsightHealingHypnosis.com

Looking forward to journeying with you!

Kelly Cohee, CH

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