Kelly Cohee's BIO

Kelly brings a unique blend of compassion, skill, advanced techniques, and intuition into her practice. As a Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Reiki Master, it is her greatest joy to assist her clients in freeing their minds of limiting beliefs and old, negative programming, while utilizing a holistic approach. Firmly believing that negative behaviors are a by-product of a lack of internal healing, she works with each individual to neutralize any underlying emotion that is causing the client's unwanted behavior pattern(s).

Her intensive training in these specialty disciplines is complimented by a Masters Degree from New York University in Global Affairs. An avid traveler with compassion for all living things, she brings her love of all peoples, cultures and faiths into her private practice and is guided to operate from a peaceful center through daily meditation.

Whether it is relationships, communication, stress/anger issues, removing fears, enhancing self-confidence, or discovering your life purpose, sessions with Kelly will lead you towards the empowerment, freedom, and personal fulfillment you've always longed for.